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April 23, 2012


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So current Points Balance is 362. Throw me some points or trade points with me for llama's so I can give away some more Premium Accounts!!! I have two people in mind to give them to the next time...

Will tally up faves/comments, etc. for the ZOMBIFY ZOEY Contest by this weekend and determine a winner....

Kitty Hates Milk 01 by tatehemlock

!!!!!!!!!!! NEW CONTEST FOR MAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK this time I am doing a sci-fi theme. It can be Barbarella or aliens or Star Trek or whatever. Just no horror or fantasy!! So basically:

Use any one of my photos as a reference and create a piece of science fiction art!! Can be a photo manipulation, vector art, sculpture, painting, comic book, etc. Wherever your imagination leads you. I will also think up a cool prize for this contest as well. Winner to be determined by number of faves/comments, etc.

Post the entry on your Deviant Art and link back to me so I can save it and post it on my account. Then I will create a journal with all the entries.

I'll be in Beverly Hills, Karloffornia for part of May so you have plenty of time...

Some sexy new images with Erica-Lyn plus some pics I did for Harley:

White Fire 01 by tatehemlockWhite Fire 02 by tatehemlockWhite Fire 03 by tatehemlock
Hope Eternal 07 by tatehemlockCigarette In The Sun 01 by tatehemlockMagic Dress 04 by tatehemlock

And thanks again to everyone who has donated points!!! Gave away three Premium accounts this past week!!!
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WHOA...Sci-Fi theme, hot photo references, and my own DARK CREATIVITY.....sounds like a LETHAL MIX. :D :evileyes: I'm in!

tatehemlock Apr 26, 2012  Professional Photographer
Woo hoo!
Darth-Marlan Apr 24, 2012   Photographer
tatehemlock Apr 26, 2012  Professional Photographer
Time to get my nerd on!
tatehemlock Apr 26, 2012  Professional Photographer
Yep yep!!
How do you donate points?
tatehemlock Apr 24, 2012  Professional Photographer
Click on the donation button on my front page!!!
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